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Accounts receivable can be a often be a burden for small businesses, especially when dealing with commercial debt collections in Ashland. These require the experience and expertise provided by our trusted collections agents in Ashland. Discussing money seems to be one of the last taboos and nobody wants to be the bad guy. Our Ashland commercial debt collection services can help take that burden off your shoulders. We understand how commercial debt differs from consumer debt and the different methods available for collection.

How much does commercial debt collection service cost in Ashland?

Most Ashland commercial debt collection agencies charge based on their success rate. In other words, they only get paid when you get paid. Fees are contractually agreed upon on a case by case basis and average fee ranges from 22.77 to 39.64 percent of the total amount of commercial debt collected.

Why is Ashland commercial debt collection service different?

Consumer debt is regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices ACT (FDCPA) while commercial debt is not. Collections agencies in Ashland can be much more aggressive with their phone call frequency and written communication when collecting collecting commercial debt from a delinquent business.

If your business is considering hiring a collection agency, choose a trusted partner that specializes in Ashland commercial debt. Many times a relentless pursuit of outstanding debts can make all the difference. Agencies that focus on niche markets within this larger group of collections often experience the highest win rates.

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Actual Commercial Debt Collection Service Customer Requests in Ashland VA

Who are you collecting from?


How much are you collecting?

$10,000 - 50,000

How many accounts are you collecting?

Less than 5

On average, how long have the accounts or debts been outstanding?

Less than two months


"customer acknowledges debt"

What Our Customers Say

We had roughly 500,000 in accounts receivable from inventory sales to two of our wholesalers who were 6 months delinquent. We thought that money was never coming. Luckily we've been able to claw a good portion of that back so far. The fee we paid the collection agency was worth it. We never thought we were going to get paid. Thank you for the great service!

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